LED Display's
major strongpoint

The life of LED has above 100,000.00 hours.

The LED display brightness above 5000 cd/m2 , it can use in outdoors, and the brightness can be automatic flexible adjusted based on sunny, cloudy, morning or afternoon.

Indoor LED display viewing angle up to 160 degree, outdoor viewing angle up to 120 degree.

Maximum power consumption per square meter does not exceed 800 W.

LED display series have outdoor and indoor full-color, mono color, dual color. They can show all sorts of video, pictures, character, graphic, logo, flash, animation and so on.

LED display viewing distance from 4 meter to 2000 meters. Different specification has different viewing distance. Customer can choose the right LED display specification based on local install site.

Dynamic scanning technology, image stability, and non-hybrid point, image quality fine, clear, animation vivid and varied.

Module, cabinet consist of LED display. easy maintenance and renewal.

Large amount of information and can also change information in any time.

LED display can show all kinds of information by offline and Online.

Energy and environment conservation.

LED display is an advertising tendency in the world.

How to choose the right led display?

LED display widely used in all kinds of fields, such as securities transactions, financial information, airport and pilot dynamic information, port and station, stadium information, traffic information, post and telecommunications office, supermarket , advertising and so on.LED display with large variety of colors, patters real-time dynamic display mode, the perfect multimedia effects, a strong visual impact of information, text, pictures, animation, video show all lively and flexible information to world.

Differences between indoor or outdoor application?

LED displays are specifically designed for indoor or outdoor use. There are two main factors that differentiate an indoor display form and an outdoor display .The first is weather durability. Outdoor displays are designed to function properly in extreme weather conditions while indoor displays are not built to the same environmental standards.The second consideration is display intensity. LEDs used for indoor applications are not bright enough to compete with outdoor ambient light conditions, outdoor displays use LEDs that are designed to be bright enough for outdoor use.

Where will the display be mounted in reference to the intended viewing audience?

The exact placement of an electronic display in reference to the viewing audience is an important factor in determining the right product for application. There are two points to consider when choosing a display based on where it will be installed. First, the placement of the display will affect the minimum and maximum viewing distance. Secondly, the angle at which the display can be effectively viewed must be considered. This is typically referred to as the viewing angle. Often, different LED displays have different viewing angles. It is important to make sure that the intended viewing audience is within thethe viewing cone of the display.Who is the intended audience.

What is the difference between the real and virtual pixels pitch?

The virtual pixel can achieve pixel share,(4LEDs) be 4-times pixel share, and (3LEDs) be 6-times pixel share.so it will be better effect to play pic or video,such as:the video has 320x240dots,if we display with virtual pixel then will be 640x480dots to display the video,more definition.

What is sending card/receiving card?

Sending card to send the DVI signal (graphic card with the DVI singal interface transit the DVI singal to sending card) to the screen, receiving card+hub card to send the DVI signal to all modules.

What does the Gray grades mean?

Gray grades means one color from the most dark to most brightness grade. More Gray grades mean more color displayed and more definition.

What does the Refresh frequency mean?

The frame transform speed, more high,more comfortable when we are looking it.because there is no delay of the pic display.

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